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Boating and Fishing

Members in good standing of Countryside Lake Association may boat and fish if in compliance with the state and local laws, and in compliance with CLA rules and regulations. CLA rules and regulations may be acquired by contacting the CLA boardThe area and lake are security patrolled, and boating and fishing is permitted for members only. There is no public access to the lake.


Only boats owned by a member in good standing are allowed on the lake. Guest or any other boats of any type are not permitted on the lake. 
  1. Boats must carry a CLA registration number and two (2) Countryside Lake decals supplied by the Boats and Docks Committee. The decals should be displayed on each side of the boat along with the CLA number. 
  2. Unidentified boats will be removed from the lake and shore area.
  3. Please see the CLA rules and regulations  for boating rules and regulations. There are strictly enforced rules about boat types and horsepower limits.
  4. The State of Illinois requires watercraft on Countryside Lake to display current DNR Watercraft decals and registration numbers


Fishing is permitted for members in good standing and for their guests. The area and lake are security patrolled. There is no public access to the lake.

  1. There are several restrictions on what can be caught, what must returned, and size limits. Please see the CLA rules and regulations.
  2. No live minnow or rusty crawfish may be used on Countryside Lake
  3. A valid State of Illinois Fishing License is required of CLA members and their guests fishing on Countryside Lake. State fishing laws must also be followed.
  4. Ice fishing is permitted for members and their guests only. A member must be present at all times. CLA fishing flags must be displayed. No tip-ups permitted, and windbreakers/shelters must be removed from the ice by dusk daily. 


Hunting is prohibited under any circumstances.