Lake County Sheriff:   Emergency  911                   Non-emergency:  847-549-5200



1: Home address numbers should be posted and clearly visible at the roadway entrance to your property (mailbox). It is also recommended that address numbers be clearly posted on the residence itself. Clear and unobstructed posting of an address will improve law enforcement, fire and rescue service, and Security Patrol response time, should emergency services be needed.

2: If no trespassing , no solicitors, or private property signs are posted at the entry points to your property, they must be positioned and large enough to be clearly visible. Signs with small or faded lettering or those that are covered by foliage can make enforcement action more difficult and provide a defense challenge for solicitors or trespassers.

3: If you have a burglar/trouble alarm system for your home, make sure that it is in proper working order. Posted warnings advising that your home is protected by an alarm service are meaningless for intruders if the system does not activate when a breech occurs or the system is not used. Be sure that the Lake County Sheriff and your alarm company have current contact and key holder information on file.

4: If you leave your residence for an extended period of time, take measures to make it appear that someone is home. This can be done by:

          A: Having someone pick up your mail, newspapers, and delivered packages.

          B: Placing interior lights on timers that correspond with your normal household routine.

          C: Having someone take care of your garbage pick-up and trash can retrieval per regular schedule.                                               

          D: Have your driveways and walks plowed and shoveled, and lawns mowed while you are away.

All residents are encouraged to utilize house watch services an provided by the Lake County Sheriffs Office ( 847-549-5200) and Countryside Lake Security Patrol ( 847-989-4425).