(Request Access)

If you are a current CLA member, and desire full access to the Members-Only section, and don't already have access to the private areas of the site, proceed as follows:

To request access
  1. If you don't already have a Google account, join our Group by first creating a Google Account. Its simple.
  2. Email CLA (cla_admin@googlegroups.com) a request for access. Include your name and address for membership authentication, and also include your email address you used in #1 above (if different from the email address you are sending from).
  3. You will get an email back from CLA when you have been accepted.

Once you are accepted
  • Click on "Members Only" link to the left.
  • login with your email name and password from step #1 above (or your Google email name and password).

If this is confusing, or you are having trouble, click here to request some assistance.

  • Click "stay signed in" so you don't ever have to log in again. 
  • You don't have to use your full email to login. You can use just the name portion (the portion before the @ symbol)
  • You can use your Google account for other things with Google, but this is not required here.