Earthquake Monitoring

Recent local earthquake in Albion, September 19, 2017
Recent local earthquake in Lake In The Hills, March 25, 2015
Recent local earthquake in Summit, November 4, 2013
Recent local earthquake in Campton Hills, June 10, 2013
Recent local earthquake in McHenry, January 31, 2012

From the US Geological Survey, current and recent earthquake activity... 

Earthquakes today


Larger Earthquakes past few days

Biggest in last 30 days


The heliplots below can appear be 20-30 minutes delayed from real time, and delayed with respect to each other; 
this is partly due to the travel time of the waves origin to the monitor thru the Earth,
and the times are GMT and current activity is usually near the bottom of the plot)

Earthquake Monitors

3rd closest live USGS Seismic activity monitor, Conover, WI

2nd closest live USGS Seismic activity monitor, Jewell Farm, WI

closest live USGS Seismic activity monitor, Hopedale, IL


Station at Lake County Forest Preserve

At Lake County Forest Preserve

Recent activity in an interactive map
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Recent Earthquakes