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Solar Eclipses: 2011 - 2030

The table below lists every solar eclipse from 2011 through 2030. Click on the eclipse Calendar Date to see a global map showing where the eclipse is visible from. The second column TD of Greatest Eclipse is the Terrestrial Dynamical Time of greatest eclipse and links to an animation showing the eclipse path across Earth. The Eclipse Type link opens a window showing the path of total and annular eclipses plotted on Google Maps. The Saros Series link opens a window showing the table listing details for all eclipses in the Saros series. The Eclipse Magnitude is the fraction of the Sun's diameter covered by the Moon at greatest eclipse. For total and annular eclipses, this value is actually the ratio of the apparent diameters of the Moon to the Sun. The Central Duration lists the duration of totality or annularity at greatest eclipse and links to a table of geographic coordinates of the eclipse path. The last column is a brief description of the geographic regions of eclipse visibility. The descriptions are for the partial phases of each eclipse. Annular and total eclipses are only visible from the regions in bold.

Eclipses of the Sun: 2011 - 2030
Calendar DateTD of Greatest EclipseEclipse TypeSaros SeriesEclipse MagnitudeCentral DurationGeographic Region of Eclipse Visibility
2011 Jan 0408:51:42Partial1510.858-Europe, Africa, c Asia
2011 Jun 0121:17:18Partial1180.601-e Asia, n N. America, Iceland
2011 Jul 0108:39:30Partial1560.097-s Indian Ocean
2011 Nov 2506:21:24Partial1230.905-s Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, N.Z.
2012 May 2023:53:53Annular1280.94405m46sAsia, Pacific, N. America 
[Annular: China, Japan, Pacific, w U.S.]
2012 Nov 1322:12:55Total1331.05004m02sAustralia, N.Z., s Pacific, s S. America 
[Total: n Australia, s Pacific]
2013 May 1000:26:20Annular1380.95406m03sAustralia, N.Z., c Pacific 
[Annular: n Australia, Solomon Is., c Pacific]
2013 Nov 0312:47:36Hybrid1431.01601m40se Americas, s Europe, Africa 
[Hybrid: Atlantic, c Africa]
2014 Apr 2906:04:32Annular1480.987-s Indian, Australia, Antarctica 
[Annular: Antarctica]
2014 Oct 2321:45:39Partial1530.811-n Pacific, N. America
2015 Mar 2009:46:47Total1201.04502m47sIceland, Europe, n Africa, n Asia 
[Total: n Atlantic, Faeroe Is, Svalbard]
2015 Sep 1306:55:19Partial1250.788-s Africa, s Indian, Antarctica
2016 Mar 0901:58:19Total1301.04504m09se Asia, Australia, Pacific 
[Total: Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Pacific]
2016 Sep 0109:08:02Annular1350.97403m06sAfrica, Indian Ocean 
[Annular: Atlantic, c Africa, Madagascar, Indian]
2017 Feb 2614:54:32Annular1400.99200m44ss S. America, Atlantic, Africa, Antarctica 
[Annular: Pacific, Chile, Argentina, Atlantic, Africa]
2017 Aug 2118:26:40Total1451.03102m40sN. America, n S. America 
[Total: n Pacific, U.S., s Atlantic]
2018 Feb 1520:52:33Partial1500.599-Antarctica, s S. America
2018 Jul 1303:02:16Partial1170.336-s Australia
2018 Aug 1109:47:28Partial1550.737-n Europe, ne Asia
2019 Jan 0601:42:38Partial1220.715-ne Asia, n Pacific
2019 Jul 0219:24:07Total1271.04604m33ss Pacific, S. America 
[Total: s Pacific, Chile, Argentina]
2019 Dec 2605:18:53Annular1320.97003m39sAsia, Australia 
[Annular: Saudi Arabia, India, Sumatra, Borneo]
2020 Jun 2106:41:15Annular1370.99400m38sAfrica, se Europe, Asia 
[Annular: c Africa, s Asia, China, Pacific]
2020 Dec 1416:14:39Total1421.02502m10sPacific, s S. America, Antarctica 
[Total: s Pacific, Chile, Argentina, s Atlantic]
2021 Jun 1010:43:06Annular1470.94303m51sn N. America, Europe, Asia 
[Annular: n Canada, Greenland, Russia]
2021 Dec 0407:34:38Total1521.03701m54sAntarctica, S. Africa, s Atlantic 
[Total: Antarctca]
2022 Apr 3020:42:36Partial1190.640-se Pacific, s S. America
2022 Oct 2511:01:19Partial1240.862-Europe, ne Africa, Mid East, w Asia
2023 Apr 2004:17:55Hybrid1291.01301m16sse Asia, E. Indies, Australia, Philippines. N.Z. 
[Hybrid: Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea]
2023 Oct 1418:00:40Annular1340.95205m17sN. America, C. America, S. America 
[Annular: w US, C. America, Columbia, Brazil]
2024 Apr 0818:18:29Total1391.05704m28sN. America, C. America 
[Total: Mexico, c US, e Canada]
2024 Oct 0218:46:13Annular1440.93307m25sPacific, s S. America 
[Annular: s Chile, s Argentina]
2025 Mar 2910:48:36Partial1490.938-nw Africa, Europe, n Russia
2025 Sep 2119:43:04Partial1540.855-s Pacific, N.Z., Antarctica
2026 Feb 1712:13:05Annular1210.96302m20ss Argentina & Chile, s Africa, Antarctica
[Annular: Antarctica]
2026 Aug 1217:47:05Total1261.03902m18sn N. America, w Africa, Europe 
[Total: Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain]
2027 Feb 0616:00:47Annular1310.92807m51sS. America, Antarctica, w & s Africa 
[Annular: Chile, Argentina, Atlantic]
2027 Aug 0210:07:49Total1361.07906m23sAfrica, Europe, Mid East, w & s Asia 
[Total:Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia]
2028 Jan 2615:08:58Annular1410.92110m27se N. America, C. & S. America, w Europe, nw Africa 
[Annular: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Suriname, Spain, Portugal]
2028 Jul 2202:56:39Total1461.05605m10sSE Asia, E. Indies, Australia, N.Z. 
[Total: Australia, N. Z.]
2029 Jan 1417:13:47Partial1510.871-N. America, C. America
2029 Jun 1204:06:13Partial1180.458-Arctic, Scandanavia, Alaska, n Asia, n Canada
2029 Jul 1115:37:18Partial1560.230-s Chile, s Argentina
2029 Dec 0515:03:57Partial1230.891-s Argentina, s Chile, Antarctica
2030 Jun 0106:29:13Annular1280.94405m21sEurope, n Africa, Mid East, Asia, Arctic, Alaska 
[Annular: Algeria, Tunesia, Greece, Turkey, Russia, n. China, Japan]
2030 Nov 2506:51:37Total1331.04703m44ss Africa, s Indian Oc., E. Indies, Australia, Antarctica 
[Total: Botswana, S. Africa, Australia]

Geographic abbreviations (used above): n = north, s = south, e = east, w = west, c = central