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Watch out

posted Apr 22, 2015, 11:15 AM by Brian Donahoe   [ updated Apr 22, 2015, 11:18 AM ]
for local frauds/scams (from Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther). With spring upon us and summer around the corner we would like to make the community aware of possible frauds and scam that are commonly seen. Please be aware of some common home repair frauds such as roof repair, chimney repair, and driveway resurfacing. During these scams the offenders will usually present themselves as legitimate contractors and will wear uniforms or safety vests to look the part. Always ask for identification and don't employ or accept services from anyone who knocks on your door or comes around soliciting you. Impostors also frequently represent themselves as utility workers, village workers or contractors and may even have laminated identification badges. Always check for identification and feel free to contact the police as honest, legitimate contractors will have no problem waiting for the police to verify who they are. Also don't let them in your house and don't let them lure you out of your house. This is a common method criminals will use to get their accomplices in your house to take your valuables without your knowledge. If in doubt, ask them to wait outside and lock your door while you call the utility company or police to verify who they are.
After these crimes occur, many people fail to report them. Reasons given for not reporting them include embarrassment and self-doubt. The people who commit these crimes count on victims not reporting them. Often times these criminals are caught because of neighbors and family members looking out for each other. If you do become a victim or suspect a family member or neighbor has been a victim please report it to the police immediately.

source: Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther