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CLA-CA Volunteers - Thanks

posted May 18, 2015, 7:07 AM by Brian Donahoe   [ updated May 26, 2015, 1:21 PM ]

A huge thank you from the Countryside Lake Conservation Area committee to our hard working volunteers! On Saturday we shoveled, hauled and spread 2 truckloads of woodchips on the paths throughout the project. That amounts to 14 cubic yards or about 110 wheelbarrows full! We also cut down dead trees and hauled brush to the curb to be chipped. Forecasts for rain almost caused us to cancel but the weather held out and everyone really pitched in. We could have used more people so I hope next time more of our neighbors will find time to volunteer for a few hours.

The Conservation Area has really come a long way and the woodland area closest to the beach has wonderful native plants in bloom right now such as mayapples, great white trillium, false solomen’s seal, shooting stars, Virginia bluebells, wake-robin, meadow rue, bloodroot and golden alexander. Also, the trees and shrubs planted a couple of years ago for an Eagle Scout project are doing great! 





Wild Ginger

Great White Trillium



False Solomon's Seal

Virgijnia Bluebells

Jack in the Pulpit

Shooting Star

Tall Meadow Rue

Leatherwood Ferns

Golden Alexander


A few of the trees planted by the Eagle Scout project volunteers