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Choice of Electric Supply

posted Jul 20, 2012, 7:00 AM by Brian Donahoe   [ updated Jul 20, 2012, 7:01 AM ]


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Lake County residents have a choice on who provides the supply portion of their electric service, and choosing a different electric supplier may be able to save you money. Any Lake County resident can choose to purchase their electricity supply from an alternative supplier. Essentially, this means you can shop for suppliers providing service in your area and compare prices, charges, other terms, and select a new supplier.


If you live in unincorporated Lake County, this option is available to you now. If you reside in a community that has approved aggregation, your municipality has secured an electric supply plan and you can opt in or opt out. View the list of municipal agreements here. If you opt out, you can also shop around and choose an alternative supplier now. If you choose a different supplier, the only difference is a new price for electric supply on your bill. You will continue to call ComEd for outages, emergency services, and questions about your residential service. By shopping for electric supply, you may be able to save money, find suppliers that use green resources, or get different types of services. You can visit for detailed information on electric choice in Illinois. 


In this video, learn the basics of electric choice and find out where you can get more information. Watch now:

 source: Diana O'Kelly July 19, 2012 newsletter