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Living With Wildlife

posted Mar 11, 2011, 11:53 AM by Brian Donahoe


Many coyotes have been observed around the area recently. 

Spring is a time when wildlife becomes more active. Animals begin searching for food, mates and places to nest. The Lake County Health Department recommends the following ways for residents to avoid problems with coyotes, foxes as well as other wildlife:  

  • Do not encourage wildlife to come in or near your home by feeding them.
  • Keep pet food and water dishes inside, especially at night to avoid problems with raccoons, skunks, opossums, foxes and coyotes.
  • To minimize conflicts between wildlife and household pets, make sure to turn on outside lights, make noise and observe the area for any sign of wildlife before letting your pets outdoors. 
  • Supervise pets and children when outdoors and keep dogs leashed when not in a fenced yard. Allow cats and small dogs outside only under strict supervision.
  •  Don't allow spilled birdseed to accumulate outside of bird feeders.
  •  If possible, do not keep garbage cans outside. Or, use sturdy cans and keep the lids securely fastened.
  • If you are walking your dog on a leash and are approached by a coyote, you should restrain your dog, and scare away the coyote by yelling and waving your arms over your head.