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Lake Status

posted Jun 7, 2017, 3:46 PM by Brian Donahoe

Dear Association Members,
I have received many inquiries about the status of the lake so this update should let the membership know where we stand:
How did we get here?
The lake treatments reviewed at the Semi Annual meeting have taken place per the contract with McCloud Aquatics.  We alternate weed killers year to year to reduce any resistance that the weeds my develop.  This year the Sonar weed killer was applied along with the lake being seeded with bacteria to handle the algae and the weed die off.  Within a week of that application we had a 3" rain that likely washed the good bacteria and the Sonar down the creek.  A follow up application was applied after testing confirmed a low concentration of Sonar in the lake.  That application has only slowed the growth and has not killed the weeds as in years past.  The sheer amount of remaining half dead weeds has allowed the algae to thrive.  The weeds were tested in a lab for resistance to Sonar and that resistance has been confirmed.
What's next?
The entire lake is being treated tomorrow with Aquasticker which was used last year in the back bay with success.  An entire lake application of bacteria will also be applied.  A third application will be applied consisting of a new weed killer that was recommended by the lab based on the Sonar resistance that has built up over the years.  The association is not being charged for any additional applications to date including the treatments tomorrow. The treatments are safe for swimmers and fish alike.  As we are in uncharted waters, pun intended, we will not know how long it will take for things to revert to normal conditions. 
What can you do?
Other than some understanding that we are dealing with nature which can not always be managed; there are things that can be done to help.  Make sure any fertilizers being used in the watershed do not contain phosphorus.  Try skipping all fertilizers going forward as they feed the algae we are paying to control.  Lakefront owners can apply bacteria at their own expense to augment the whole lake treatments.  Attached is an estimate from McCloud for shore applied bacteria.  Interested members can contact McCloud directly to set up payment and delivery.  I ordered 30# for my shore.  

I am in almost daily contact with McCloud Aquatics to address these issues.  Again, your understanding and support is appreciated.
Drew Hupp
Countryside Lake Board