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Increased police presence in school zones

posted Aug 8, 2014, 1:45 PM by Brian Donahoe
Beginning August 12 and ending September 5, 2014, The Mundelein Police Department will be conducting increased traffic enforcement in school zones.  The enforcement will be conducted in the morning hours prior to school starting and then again in the afternoon hours when school children are dismissed.  The enforcement is designed to address the following areas:

•   Speeding in a School Zone

•   Pedestrian's Right of Way- Yield at all crosswalks when pedestrians are        present

•   Distracted Driving - Specifically, no cell phone use in school zones

•   Seat belt violations

Mundelein's Traffic Division Sergeant, Pat Gara explains, "During this enforcement period, officers will initially distribute informational flyers to remind drivers to use caution in school zones. As time progresses, enforcement may include citations for any violations observed."


Sgt. Gara also stated, "The goal of the Mundelein Police Department is to raise awareness and remind drivers that school is back in session and to use extreme caution when driving through school zones.  The safety of our children should be everyone's concern."

Source: Diana O'Kelly newsletter August 9, 2014