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CLA Conservation Area Volunteer Day

posted Oct 19, 2013, 6:42 AM by Brian Donahoe

Saturday, October 26


As the temperatures drop and nature puts on its beautiful fall display, native plants are setting seeds. At this final volunteer day of the year, we will be collecting seed that will be saved and then spread after the site has been burned. The controlled burn will be conducted by McGinty Brothers once the plants have gone dormant. They carefully monitor the weather and wait until conditions are right.


Fire is a natural and essential ingredient of healthy native ecosystems. Throughout history, lightning sparked natural fires, performing a "house cleaning" function for nature. Oak woodlands and prairies are adapted to fire and depend on it to maintain their unique character. Fire helps local habitats thrive by:

  • Releasing nutrients from burned plant materials.
  • Helping seeds to grow.
  • Opening the woodland floor to sunlight so that native wildflowers and plants can flourish.
  • Reinvigorated natural areas provide habitat for wildlife and increase air and water quality.


Join us at the Conservancy Area (next to the beach) to help with this effort!  Bring your own gloves......we will have bags for collecting the seed.  Please help us spread the word as we do not have e-mails for all CLA members. This would also be a great opportunity for any young people needing service hours!!