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Bobcat nearby

posted Mar 6, 2015, 7:09 AM by Brian Donahoe
in Wauconda. This photo came from the Lakeview Villa subdivision.  They also spotted two little babies. 

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, bobcats have been a rare sight in Illinois over the past century. But that is quickly changing thanks to conservation tactics by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, along with the help of trappers and hunters. Bobcats are staging a big comeback in the state including the Wauconda area with multiple sightings around the Bangs Lake shoreline area in recent weeks.

Bobcats are typically twice the size of an average house cat but it's shy, secretive habits allow it to live in close proximity to populated areas. Experts suggest that residents have nothing to fear from bobcats or from living near them. They are active mainly from dusk to dawn and, like most wildlife, will flee from humans if they can. As such, do not approach a bobcat or any wild animal and report aggressive behavior to animal control 1-847-497-3891.
Visit the Illinois DNR website for more information about bobcats.

source: Diana O'Kelly 3/6/2015 newsletter