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176/60-83 intersection roadwork

posted Aug 3, 2012, 1:35 PM by Brian Donahoe
The road project to improve the intersection at 176/60-83 has finally been approved by the Illinois Dept of Transportation. The Village of Mundelein will be the lead agency on this project. The project mainly involves the improvement of the intersection in order to achieve turn lanes in all directions. Improvements will extend to the Grand Dominion entry. No land is needed from Grand Dominion to make these improvements and I do not believe the parkway along 176 will be disturbed during this project.

This improvement was envisioned in the planning stages of Grand Dominion and the commercial project with Rubloff. At this time the Village has the funding for this project and it will hopefully be completed next year. The commercial project is still envisioned but the economy has caused its reconsideration and downsizing.

If you further questions in regard to these matters please contact me directly at

Ed Sullivan, DVM
Mundelein Trustee